What You Need to Know About Downloading MARC Records for Bloomberg Law

  • MARC records are available free of charge to Bloomberg Law subscribers at https://marc.bloomberglaw.com/
  • MARC bibliographic records are created and updated in OCLC Connexion. They are in standard MARC 21 format and should be compatible with library systems that can load MARC records.
  • We issue a quarterly update email memo that lists new and revised records.
  • To be added to the update memo distribution list, please contact Amy Liss at aliss@bloombergindustry.com.

The 'MARC Records for Bloomberg Law' page contains more than 1,300 bibliographic records for different publication sets on Bloomberg Law, including Bloomberg Law News Products and Portfolios, BNA Books, and third-party publisher titles on Bloomberg Law such as the American Bar Association and Wiley Press.

To download MARC record files:

  • Simply click the Image button corresponding with the New, Revised, or Complete record file you want to download;
  • The file should open or save automatically, depending on your Internet browser.
  • The MARC record files are in .DAT file format.

The MARC records page contains new, revised, and complete record files. New and revised files are added quarterly for record sets that were updated during that quarter. Complete files are cumulative to the 'last updated' date.

The quarterly update memos occasionally contain instructions to delete records for titles that are superseded or are no longer available. Past update memos are available in PDF format at the bottom of the page at: https://marc.bloomberglaw.com/.

If you have not previously loaded Bloomberg Law records, just start by loading the complete file for each set of records. Once you have loaded the complete files, simply load new and revised files as instructed in the quarterly update memos to keep your Bloomberg Law records up to date.

We suggest loading a small sample batch before loading complete record sets. If you need individual sample records, please email aliss@bloombergindustry.com. We also encourage you to preview all record files in MarcEdit or a similar software before loading them.

For MarcEdit users, please contact Amy Liss if you would like to receive your record files in .MRC format. Also, if you customize your records in MarcEdit, we can send you files with your local edits already added. Simply send me a list of the fields you wanted added, deleted, or modified.

Please address questions or comments to Amy Liss at aliss@bloombergindustry.com.